hope: crisis catharsis and renewal

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I came across Eva Cox's 2010 Sydney Festival session - Hope: crisis catharsis and renewal, reported on The Stump which is worth a read.

The session transcript concludes...

"So let us start in 2010 to unravel the knots and tangles that have damaged the links that make us social beings and prioritise ways of making society more civil. This activity requires our time and commitment because asking questions is easier than finding answers. Combining hope and thoughtfulness gives us the power to work out what we can do – and be, by making our lives more civil, more fun and more creative!"

Her suggestions resonate with me, particularly in light of my last post ....

  • Be fair and kind to strangers as well as those we know
  • Be generous and prepared to share
  • Recognise and respect what we have in common as well as our differences
  • Budget time not money so we can spend time on what we value
  • Collaborate and co-operate as a first strategy to meet social ends, not competition
  • Act with civility and respect, even when we disagree
  • Retain goodwill and optimism about the good will of others, even when it seems tough
  • Build ethical cultures by both doing the right thing and recognising the rights of others
  • Recognise and respect autonomy as well as connectedness that work
  • Value risk takers and boundary pushers who also reflect the above criteria
  • Recognise the value of shared experiences, such as tonight, including with strangers.

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