just for me

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I'm back online wearing my own hat and writing here just for me. I find it very difficult to write in a considered way in multiple places but I've decided that will be here; enough of giving my energy where its not appreciated.

Intersecre still exists - I haven't decided yet whether I'll selectively dual post over to there from here or whether I'll focus only some writing for that collaborative space. If you don't have your own blog or would like to do some writing independent of your existing personal space let us know; the aim of Intersecre was to be a space for the meeting of minds and opinions.

So let's see how I go and how often I post.

You'll see a link to my photoblog 'my mind's eye', also neglected, and I plan to put my favourite pics in there - at least one per week.

Your ideas and feedback are very welcome as I find my feet and get my head around Wordpress once again.