Digital images in education

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A picture tells a 1000 words!

Too often education is overly biased towards written text. Yet there are very few instances when a diagram or image does not assist communication and concept development.

This workshop has two components:

  1. A look at the basics of image editing for use in online spaces, and
  2. The use of existing online images with a Creative Commons licence, and how they can be embedded in course spaces

Half day program

  • Types of images
  • Don't reinvent the wheel!
  • Creative Commons and FlickR - what's out there?
  • Attributions and acknowledgement
  • Linking and embedding
  • Uploading and basic editing
  • Hands on
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'Robyn is a fantastic presenter'
'All very organised'
'Plenty of opportunity for questions'
' This course was so interesting for me as I have a vision on where I want my teaching to be and this is a great resource'
' It gave a stepping stone to pursue this means of class management/presentation'