Digital storytelling

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Digital stories combine still images and/or video clips with a voice-over and sometimes sound effects or captions. In educational settings they enable both teachers and students to communicate concepts, outcomes, processes, events and feelings in a multimodal way.

A range of software is available to enable this. For desktop PC computers, Photostory3 is often a good starting point due to its ease of access and mastery. It does however have limitations and for those seeking more sophisticated outcomes Adobe Premiere Elements is a better option (although not free). There are now also a wide range of ever changing online options that also allow cloud-based storage and publishing.

The following half day workshop moves fairly fast but allows for the completion of a simple story using Photostory3. A one day workshop is ideal. For Premiere Elements, or for a more in depth exploration a 2 day workshop is recommended.

Half day workshop program

  • Background to digital storytelling
  • Sample story
  • Ingredients
  • Uses in education
  • Hands on development with detailed guide
  • Show and tell


'It was a practical workshop packed with ideas.'
'An inspirational workshop, presented in a professional and informative way'